This website serves as a complementary resource to the manuscript
"Integrative transcriptomics reveals sexually dimorphic microRNA control of the cholinergic/neurokine interface in schizophrenia and bipolar disorder" by Lobentanzer et al. (2019).

It primarily comprises transcriptional interaction networks of microRNAs, genes, and transcription factors implicated in the cholinergic differentiation of male and female human neuronal cells mediated by the 'neurokine' ciliary neurotrophic factor (CNTF).

Figure 5C: Comprehensive enriched families

Network of differentially enriched microRNA families and their 12495 targeted genes in neurokine-mediated cholinergic differentiation of male and female neuronal cells

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Figure 6A: Cholinergic/neurokine interface

Subnetwork of filtered miRs and genes of the cholinergic/neurokine interface

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mir-10/199 families

Subnetwork of only mir-10/mir-199 family members and their gene targets

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